Contrarian Thinking by Codie Sanchez

Codie Sanchez Quotes: “Money wields more power than you perceive. Hearing that ‘money can’t buy happiness’ often leads to the false narrative that money is evil, worthless, or unworthy of pursuit.”

“I don’t acquire money because I want Lamborghinis and fancy things. I do it because I think it is a way to freedom, because it is a tool for power.”

“Most people that are blue collar workers, at least in my experience that I’ve worked with, they think about personal development a bit like therapy.” “Strive for excellence to an extent that you become impossible to ignore.”

“I had to re-navigate and negotiate my language. That was the only way I could change my relationship with money. So it started with being okay with things like personal development, which is totally normal.”

“Do you think you have been investing in small businesses for so long? Small has affected your thinking?”

“I actually think that money might be contagious and that if you are around people who have it, the exact opposite of everything we think happens, […] especially when you’re young, and especially if you’re hungry.”

“I don’t really know how to learn except I get around other people who have more than I do and I just see how they think. And then it opens up this whole aperture.”

“I don’t know when in today’s world we decided that having difficulties in front of you meant that you were meant for less. That is such a false narrative, so I just don’t ascribe to it.”

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