GoDaddy acquires Vidnami

Vidami – GoDaddy transition 2021 Customer FAQs

When is the last day I’ll be able to access my Vidnami account?

You will be able to access your Vidnami account until Friday 20th August (AEST). If you have created any videos that you have not yet downloaded, we recommend that you download them over the next few weeks.

Will you keep billing me?

No, all subscriptions will be automatically canceled on July 20th, you will then continue to have free access to Vidnami until the final retirement date of August 20th.

Can I download my generated videos?

Yes, if you click on the new “MY DATA” link in the top navigation panel of Vidnami you’ll be able to download a .csv file containing a list of all your generated videos. The file contains the title of each video and a download link so that you can scan your video list and quickly download any videos you need. You can also download a .zip file containing all your scripts, and a .csv file containing a list of all your uploaded media assets.

Why Can’t You Keep Vidnami Up And Running Until The Integration With GoDaddy Is Complete?

On the surface this may seem like the obvious and simple thing to do, and if it were possible this is absolutely what we would have done to ensure continuity of service and create a smooth transition to the new GoDaddy Studio platform.

What may be difficult to understand from an external perspective is that running a business like Vidnami is a complex full-time undertaking for a small team of people.

From an engineering perspective there are always issues to deal with for example when google releases a new version of Chrome or one of our partners change an API or have an outage.

From a marketing perspective there are promotions, advertising campaigns, and content creation happening on a regular and ongoing basis.

From an administrative perspective there are accounting, HR, licensing and legal issues that need to be dealt with.

A business of this size and complexity requires the full-time focus of a small team in order to continue to operate.

Our acquisition by GoDaddy is going to require us to integrate our core rendering, video and machine learning capabilities into a complex global infrastructure from both a technical and product perspective.

This too is going to be a difficult, challenging and full-time undertaking.

After analysing the situation from every angle and discussing the situation with GoDaddy, we reluctantly came to the conclusion that it simply wasn’t viable for our small team to maintain the current version of Vidnami and integrate with GoDaddy at the same time.

We wish this was not the case, but unfortunately that is the reality of operating a business of this complexity and joining forces with a large multi-national organisation.

Moving forward, our focus will be to integrate with GoDaddy as quickly as possible to create a brand new mobile platform that delivers many of the best features that exist today in Vidnami.

What tools can I use instead of Vidnami?
While none of the following tools are a direct replacement for Vidnami, they may help meet the needs of your business while we are completing our integration into GoDaddy Studio.

I created and published a lot of videos using Vidnami, will my videos breech copyright laws when Vidnami is retired?
No, the licensing agreement we had in place with Storyblocks allows for videos that were made with Vidnami to remain in circulation after Vidnami has been retired.
Will Scriptnami and Question Samurai also be shutting down?
Scriptnami and Question Samurai were included in the sale to GoDaddy and they will also be closing on August 20th.
What is your refund policy?
As most Vidnami users are on a monthly plan, we have always maintained a 30 day money back guarantee. If you have purchased Vidnami within the last 30 days and would like to request a refund please contact
I paid for the annual plan, will I get a pro rata refund?
Yes, if you were on an annual plan and had paid for access beyond August 20th, we will be issuing you a pro-rata refund. This means that you will only be charged for the time you had access to the service. Your refund will be automatically processed over the next few days – you do not need to do anything.
Why did you sell Vidnami?

As a small startup based in Australia we often found that we were competing against much larger and better resourced competitors. The reality is that we had so many exciting plans and ideas for Vidnami but usually we just didn’t have the resources to pursue them. Joining GoDaddy will allow us to accelerate our feature development, create new web and mobile tools and allow us to impact over 20 million entrepreneurs around the world.

How long will the integration process take?

This is hard to say. We hope to have some level of integration by the end of this year, and we will continue to iterate to bring Vidnami’s video capabilities to GoDaddy Studio as quickly as we can.

Can I get a special deal on GoDaddy Studio when the integration is complete?

Yes. All you have to do is enter your name and email address in the form at the top of this page, and we will send you occasional updates about the integration process, and a special discount offer when the integration is complete.

Affiliate FAQs:

What is going to happen to my monthly affiliate payments?

We will be canceling all Vidnami PayPal subscriptions on July 20th. You will receive commissions on any payments we receive before this date that were made by customers you referred.

Are you going to pay out all my affiliate commissions?

Yes, we will continue to make affiliate payments until you receive your share of all the payments we receive from subscribers you referred to Vidnami. You will not miss out on any money you have generated as an affiliate.

When will my affiliate links stop working?

We will be redirecting all affiliate links to the Vidnami home page on July 5th.

When will you close the Vidnami free trial funnel to new users?

We will be closing the Vidnami free trial funnel on July 5th. This will ensure that prospects going through the 14 day trial will get the chance to pass through the entire funnel before Vidnami is retired.

When will you stop selling Vidnami?

The last day anyone will be able to buy Vidnami will be July 19th. This will ensure that they receive a full month of access for the monthly fee they pay upon subscribing.

What will happen with refunds?

We will continue to offer Vidnami subscribers a 30 day money back guarantee. There is likely to be a higher refund rate in the final month as subscribers realise that the product is being retired.

When will I receive my final affiliate payment?

As we pay affiliate commissions up to two months in arrears and the last day for payments is July 19th, it is likely that you will receive your final affiliate payment in September.